Mirror Mantras Party Kit™

 Catapult the Self-Esteem of Children!

👑Unleash the Regal Power Within! 👑

Elevate ordinary moments to extraordinary memories with our Royal Party Kit! This kit includes everything needed to host an unforgettable empowerment party for children your in care.

🌟 Why Choose Mirror Mantras Party Kit?Convenience: Effortlessly host an entertaining party with our easy-to-follow video guide, custom games, activities, and signature song!

No need for extensive planning—simply press play and let the magic unfold! 

👑 Elevate Self-Esteem: Our specially crafted party video guides participants through engaging games designed to boost self-esteem and nurture a strong sense of identity. We've even included our signature "See it, Decree it, Be it" party song—an empowerment anthem that ignites confidence in every royal partygoer!

Greatness Unleashed: Witness the transformation as kids discover the royal benefits of self-love, confidence, and a positive self-image.

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👑 Royal Benefits: 👑 Crown Crafting Extravaganza: Kids get the chance to express their individuality, by creating tangible symbols of their inner royalty.

🪞 Mirror Mantras Magic: Enjoy unlimited printouts of royal paper mirrors for children to craft their own positive mantras. Additionally, there's a self-adhesive non-glass mirror for hosts to display on a wall, enabling party-goers to activate their mantras by reciting them in the mirror! Encourage reflection for a truly transformative and impactful experience.

Lifetime Impressions: Create memories that transcend time. The golden crowns and personal mantras become cherished keepsakes, reminding kids of their unique strengths and potential.

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Celebrating the Impact:

Mirror Mantras Empower Party Testimonials...

" The empowerment party was awesome for the students! They enjoyed the mantras."

Dr. Mel Hackett

Principal at JFK Elementary School in Randolph, MA